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This diverse city offers a fantastic opportunity to get swept away by history, leisure and culture in every corner: unique neighborhoods, canals, art and more; catapulting into one of the top spots of the most desirable destinations in Europe and with good reason.

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And located in the heart of Europe, monumental Brussels opens its doors to the world from land and air. Several airports and train station welcome to the city.

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Presents itself to its visitors as a trimillennial city, a perfect example of the evolution of European civilization and its dozens of cultural influences from all over the Mediterranean.

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The getaway perfect destination. Monuments, gastronomy, tradition and wine culture.

Porto will seduce you from the first moment with its magical atmosphere.

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Imagine a place where history blends with modernity, where you can stroll through lively streets and enjoy the best cultural offerings. That place is London!

Admire the majesty of Buckingham Palace, feel the history in the Tower of London… Get ready for a journey through time and culture!

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We believe the memories from your travel are the most important. Guías & Tours have more than 10 years experience in tourism and passenger transport and our professionals are continuously incorporating new good-value, high-quality services into our range of products, providing new experiences in tourism, culture, gastronomy and leisure. Our mission offer you an unforgettable view of the active heart of EUROPE. We would like you can live and enjoy an amazing experience.

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